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High-end fabrics for the design sector

At Erimiti, we believe that beauty is the true creative drive.


The company was born from the search for beauty, the passion of two brothers, Federico and Giulio, for high-end furnishing fabrics of elevated thickness, and the continuous innovation of textile design as applied to interior design.
The goal is to create unique and prestigious collections for furnishing textiles, drawing inspiration from the Veneto region in Italy, in which the tradition and culture of furniture textiles is deeply rooted. We continuously take cues from this deep connection, in history, luxurious Venetian villas, old hand looms, luxurious historical fabrics, and bring the past and future together by creating innovative furnishing fabrics with a modern and eclectic taste.
This is how our unmistakably Erimiti collections of one-of-a-kind velvets and furnishing fabrics are created.

The core of our work is based on continuous experimentation with new yarns, innovative blends and designs with a very strong stylistic impact. Our style office creates everyday fabrics following our fundamental principles.
Customers who rely on us and who appreciate our philosophy by working with our products obtain a completely new tactile and visual experience, which is the strength of our work. All of the fabrics in the Erimiti collection are studied and meticulously selected.

Our style office and our partners design the collections starting with a study of the market. Before distribution, they are tested through extremely rigorous laboratory tests by internationally certified companies.

There is a culture of experience and enormous passion that lies behind the choice of colours, warp to be used, and weaves to be woven, which fall in line with the trends of modern architecture and design in its deepest meaning. In addition to that offered in our collections, we can also produce customised articles on customer request for the contract sector.

Our high-end fabrics for upholstered furniture have been entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.


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